What happens now for Round I MBA Applicants to MIT Sloan?

To those of you who have submitted a Round 1 application to the MIT Sloan MBA Program, thank you. The hard part is over! If you are interested in learning more about the process once you submit your application, this blog is for you.

We have imported all the applications and we will now begin to distribute them to the Admissions Committee members. In “the older days” this process consumed large quantities of paper files. These days, we are focused on sustainability, so this process is now entirely electronic.

The Admissions Committee members are a team of professionals who meet regularly to discuss and calibrate our application evaluations. The MBA application assessment process does not involve faculty, alumni, or students. Our team is excited to begin reading; they are dedicated and prepared to carefully review each application.

The reading and review period will take 4-6 weeks. We will send out Round 1 interview invitations from mid-October through early November. If you are not invited to interview, you will be notified of your decision by mid-November.

As we get closer to sending out interview invitations, I will post a blog with more information about the interview process itself.

Thank you again.

MBA Application Tips – Essays

Our MBA application consists of two required essay questions, along with an optional question. Associate Director of Admissions, Jeff Carbone, shares tips and insights on writing Essay #1:



Watch more videos of Jeff’s advice for writing Essay #2 and the Optional Question.

When reviewing applications, the Admissions Committee looks for examples of the applicant’s professional and academic accomplishments, the ability to lead and influence others, and a collaborative mindset. When writing your essays, we recommend that you:

  • Use a mix of personal and professional examples, as appropriate to best answer our questions and to provide us with insight into who you are as an individual and as a professional
  • Use examples from within the past three years
  • Concentrate on your past achievements.  Focus on what you have already done, rather than what you intend to do with your degree.
  • Share your extracurricular activities and personal interests in the “optional question” section of the application.  You may also want to include this information in your resume.
  • Show us how you have made an impact – at your workplace, your community, your family, etc.

There is no advantage to submitting your application early, as long as it is before one of the the deadlines. We begin reviewing all applications immediately following the deadline.

College seniors graduating from a U.S. institution and active U.S. military personnel may request an application fee waiver by emailing us prior to submitting your application.

MBA Application Essays Revealed

I am excited to announce our MBA essay questions for the 2014-2015 MBA application:

Essay 1:  The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. Discuss how you will contribute toward advancing the mission based on examples from your past work and activities. (500 words or fewer)

Essay 2:  Write a professional letter of recommendation on behalf of yourself.  Answer the following questions as if you were your most recent supervisor recommending yourself for admission to the MIT Sloan MBA Program: (750 words or fewer)

  • How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
  • How does the applicant stand out from others in a similar capacity?
  • Please give an example of the applicant’s impact on a person, group, or organization.
  • Please give a representative example of how the applicant interacts with other people.
  • Which of the applicant’s personal or professional characteristics would you change?
  • Please tell us anything else you think we should know about this applicant.

Essay writing is a reflective process, and one that our Admissions Team takes very seriously.  We do not believe in only using numbers and standardized test scores to build our incoming classes.  I am releasing these questions early in hopes that you will find some time to think carefully about your past experiences. We evaluate your responses using a behavioral-based assessment process and encourage you to share specific past examples of what you said, did or thought in a given situation.

Keep in mind that these essays are designed for our Admissions Team to get to know you better. There is no right or wrong answer – how you choose to respond is completely up to you. For both essays, please remember to draw upon experiences that have occurred within the past three years. We will be posting application tips throughout the summer, so be on the lookout for more helpful hints! I anticipate our online application will go live at the end of July – so stay tuned.

It is an honor and a privilege for the admissions team to review your essays and your completed applications.  We look forward to receiving them!

MBA Round 2 Applicants – Important Update

If you have submitted your MBA application in Round 2, you are probably anxiously awaiting information on what comes next. Great news – we have some important updates for you!

The Admissions Team will begin sending out Round 2 interview invitations Friday, February 14 and will continue periodically through Friday, February 28. If you are not invited for an interview, you will receive a final decision from us by February 28.

The Admissions Team will be conducting R2 interviews here in Cambridge, as well as 15 additional cities across North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Specific dates and locations are TBD, but interviewees will receive at least one week’s notice of your interview date. If you are not living in one of the interview locations, you’ll be given the choice to meet us in the closest location to you, or you are always welcome to join us here on campus.

All interviews are conducted by members of the MIT Sloan Admissions Team – not by students or alumni. There are three components to the interview:

  1. During the first part, you may be asked follow-up questions on your application. For example, your interviewer might ask you to elaborate on a specific story you tell in an essay, or to describe a job that is mentioned on your resume.
  2. In the second part we will ask behavioral questions that will give evidence of certain competencies. Our goal is to really get to know you through your unique stories. An example of the type of question we may ask: “Tell me about a time when you had to build motivation in a colleague?”
  3. Finally, the third part of the interview will give you the opportunity to ask us any questions.

Please refer to my previous post for more interview tips.

Best of luck to all applicants!

MSMS Application Deadline Reminder

It has been a chilly few weeks here in Cambridge! Our Admissions Team is (trying to) stay warm and staying busy with reading MBA and MFin applications and conducting MFin interviews. We are almost ready to send out the MBA R2 interview invitations – check back for an upcoming post with exact dates and details. MFin interviews are underway, and we’ve met incredible candidates so far. Next week, a few of us will be traveling to Shanghai and Paris to meet additional MFin applicants. The MSMS application deadline is quickly approaching – it is next Wednesday, February 5. 

For those of you preparing an MSMS application, please remember a completed application consists of:

Resume, Two Essays, Three Recommendation Letters, Academic Records (Transcripts), and Test Scores

In addition, here are some important reminders on a few aspects of the application process:

  • Finalize your Recommenders. Be sure to fill out the recommender section of your application so your references may work on their letters. You may submit your application before your recommenders have submitted their letters, however, your three letters of recommendation must be turned in by the February 5th deadline.
  • Submit Early: We encourage you to submit your application before the application deadline so any potential issues can be addressed in a timely manner.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our Admissions Team if you have any final questions about your MSMS application.

We look forward to reading your applications, and meeting more interviewees on campus and on the road!

MFin Applicants – What Comes Next

Dear MFin Applicants,

Thank you for your interest in our program, and thank you for submitting your application! We know that you are anxious and curious – so here is a rundown of what comes next:

The Admissions Team will begin sending MFin interview invitations starting tomorrow, January 21st and will continue to send them periodically through Friday, February 14th.  If you are not invited for an interview, you will receive a final decision from us by February 14th.  We request that applicants do not email the Admissions Committee inquiring about their interview invitation status.  We understand that this is a stressful time for applicants and we very much appreciate your patience.

All MFin interviews will be conducted in person.  In addition to holding MFin interviews here in Cambridge, we will also be meeting applicants for interviews in Shanghai, Paris, and Santiago.

Specific details regarding interview dates and locations are still being confirmed, but interviewees will receive an invitation one week prior to your interview date. If you are not living in one of the interview locations, you’ll be given the choice to meet us in the closest location to you, or you are always welcome to join us here on campus in Cambridge. 

Now, some additional interview tips and reminders on our policies: 

  • All interviews are conducted by members of the MIT Sloan Admissions team – not by students or alumni. 
  • We will be sharing an additional Interview Preparation Guide for those candidates invited to interview. 
  • A valid passport or photo ID is required at your interview.  Please make sure your name is printed in English on the ID. 

There are three components to the interview:

  1. You may be asked follow-up questions from your application. For example, your interviewer might ask you to elaborate on your academic and/or professional experiences, or provide more detail on a specific example from your application.
  2. You will be asked behavioral questions that will give evidence of certain competencies. An example of the type of question we may ask: “Describe a situation where you had a conflict with another individual, and how did you deal with it?”
  3. Finally, we will give you the opportunity to ask us any questions.

Lastly, except for updated Fall 2013 transcripts, we are not accepting any additional application materials at this time.  

The Admissions Team is looking forward to getting to know interviewees better – We hope that you take the opportunity via the interview to get to know us better too! 

MFin Application Tips

The MFin application deadline is 3 weeks away! Many of you are in the process of completing your application. In addition to the application instructions provided on our website, we wanted to share a few tips and answers to some commonly asked questions:

  • There is only one essay question this year that includes three distinct points.  Please touch upon each point; your entire response should be 750 words or less.
  • Selfreport your GMAT or GRE score in your application and request that the official scores be sent to MIT Sloan before the deadline of January 2, 2014. It is okay if we receive the official scores later in the admissions process.
  • The résumé template is a suggested guideline for format and content. We encourage you to use it.
  • For your 3 recommendation letters, please provide: one professional, one academic, and the third is up to you. Please choose recommenders who will speak strongly on your behalf and can give detailed examples in their responses.  If you are still in school, we strongly suggest that the third recommendation be academic.  If you are currently working full time, we suggest that the third recommendation be from a professional contact.
  • The year-long MFin program begins with a summer term, followed by fall and spring semesters. All students are required to attend Orientation the first week of July.  If you are an MIT undergraduate who has already taken courses 15.401 and 15.402, then you may be exempt from taking the comparable classes during the summer.
  • We encourage you to take advantage of the Optional Information section as a chance to distinguish yourself from other applicants. If you choose to use a multimedia format, you must host the information on an active website and provide us with the link. We cannot open files with Flash, from Dropbox, or anything that is password protected.

Best of luck to all applicants. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Admissions Team with any questions. We look forward to receiving your applications.

On-Campus Interview Update

Round I interviews are in full swing.  A few members of the Admissions team, myself included, are touring the globe meeting with amazing candidates. I was in Mumbai earlier this week, currently finishing up in Tel Aviv, and will be in London, Madrid, and Paris next week.

A large percentage of candidates choose to come to the MIT Sloan campus in Cambridge to interview.  A great benefit of interviewing on campus is that you have the opportunity to have lunch with current MIT Sloan Students.  They have been coming out in droves to meet interviewees!   The other day, the students surprised us and posted their favorite things about MIT Sloan on the whiteboard in the lunch room.  It made me proud to see this- even from afar!  For those of you who cannot interview on campus or come to visit this fall, I wanted to share a glimpse of the whiteboards with you:

Additionally, John Mahler, one of our student bloggers wrote a fantastic article on how to ace the interview. It is definitely worth reading.

Best of luck to those of you interviewing- and, to quote John Mahler, remember to BE YOURSELF!

Interview Tips

Interviews for Round 1 MBA candidates start next week! Jennifer Barba, Associate Director, shares some helpful tips on what to expect during the interview and how best to prepare.

The Admissions Team is looking forward to meeting you soon!

MSMS Application is Live!

The Master of Science in Management Studies (MSMS) online application is now available.  This year’s application deadline is Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

The MIT Sloan MSMS program is designed for students who have received or are working towards their MBA or equivalent master’s degree at a non-U.S. institution. Students in the MSMS program benefit from MIT Sloan’s collaborative environment and a unique, elective-based curriculum.  This approach offers unparalleled flexibility, as there are virtually no course requirements for MSMS other than the thesis.

A current MSMS student explained how the vast opportunities at MIT Sloan make her feel like she is “a kid in the candy store.” Read more about the experiences of current MSMS students.

Ready to start your online application? Check out a quick overview of the application process:

If you have any questions about the MSMS program, please visit our website or reach out to the Admissions Team at msmsadmissions@sloan.mit.edu.

Good luck to everyone!