Should You Apply to the MBA Round 3 Deadline?

Apply by April 9th for your final opportunity to join the MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2020!

When it comes to the MBA Round 3 deadline, the single most common question I hear from applicants is “Should I apply Round 3 or wait until next year?” If this question is on your mind right now, then this post is for you!

My answer to the above question is “If you are now ready to pursue your MBA, it’s not too late! Apply Round 3.” I’ll explain:

Three years ago, we decided to add a Round 3 application deadline for a variety of reasons, one of which was  because we wanted to accommodate applicants who become ready to apply later in the traditional MBA admissions cycle. In fact, we were initially surprised by some of the circumstances that led people to apply later in the year.

For example, we have had some applicants apply in R3 because their companies had recently been bought by larger firms. Because of these unforeseen events, they felt it would be a good time to make professional transitions. Another past Round 3 applicant shared that his department was being eliminated, and so he decided to pursue his MBA earlier than originally planned.

The Round 3 application deadline was designed to give these individuals—whose professional or personal circumstances have unexpectedly changed—an opportunity not to have to wait another year.  So if this sounds like you, and you are now ready to begin your MBA studies next fall, I encourage you to apply!

A few other notes about Round 3:

  • Traditionally, Round 3 has our smallest pool of applicants, so this can be a great opportunity for strong candidates to stand out.
  • We do accept applicants in Round 3.

Still have questions or concerns before submitting your application? Send us an email or register for the Online Chat with Admissions on April 4th.