Applying to MIT Sloan’s Master of Finance Program: What Happens After You Hit Submit?

You submitted your Master of Finance application – congratulations! That is definitely a significant milestone!

Our MFin Admissions committee is already busy. As we review your application, we are looking to learn about your academic ability, your passion for finance, and your leadership and teamwork skills.  I imagine you are probably eager to find out more about the evaluation process and start preparing for the next step.

In mid-January to early February, we will email interview invitations to a subset of applicants. Interview invitations are sent in no particular order, so try not to stress (easier said than done, I know!).

I would like to share some interview tips with you:

Preparing for the Interview:

There are two main areas of focus for an MFin interview:  one section will have questions focused on your personal attributes and the other section will have questions about your career aspirations.

Here are some ways you can prepare:

  • Be ready to provide additional context to experiences you have previously shared AND discuss additional examples not included in your written application.
  • Practice talking about what you have learned from your experiences.
  • Focus on highlighting your own qualities and experiences. There will be no technical questions.
  • We will ask about your aspirations for a career in finance. Be prepared to share the work you have done in finance related jobs / projects. 
  • Be prepared to ask a few questions about the MFin Program and/or the MFin experience.
  • Remember, there are no tricks, just bring your authentic self.

After the Interview:

  • Our Admissions Committee will notify interviewees of their final decisions on or before Monday, March 5, 2018.

We look forward to getting to know you better and helping you learn what MIT Sloan is all about.


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