MIT Sloan’s Master of Finance Program (MFin) advances in global rankings of the Financial Times

I am happy to see tSloan MBA Master of Financehe growth of the Master of Finance Program (MFin), which hosted its first five-year reunion this month. For the second year in a row, we have been ranked the top U.S. masters program for early-stage finance professionals by the Financial Times and have improved our overall ranking to #5 in the world.

I am also excited to announce some new opportunities in our MFin Program. We now offer two concentrations, Capital Markets and Corporate Finance, which are optional but allow for specialized, focused study. In addition, the MFin experience is now being delivered in both a 12-month and an 18-month format, which begins this fall. While the degree requirements are the same for both, the 18-month pilot allows students to complete a summer internship and take additional electives.

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