MBA Application Next Steps

Our application goes live in early July, and these next few months are the perfect time to get prepared. The Admissions office is open throughout the summer M-F from 9-5PM if you want to stop by, attend an on-campus info session, or take a self-guided tour.

One of our graduating students and co-president of the Sloan Senate, John Mahler MBA’15, was kind enough to share some advice for prospective applicants:


How did you research MBA Programs? Did you attend an event beforehand?

“It’s valuable to go beyond what you read online. I went to quite a few
admissions events in Seattle, where I was living at the time, to get a feel for what differentiated the schools. The alumni panels were particularly informative to get a window into the culture and community. Hearing about first-hand experiences is really important to see what is a good fit for you. I would highly recommend attending any and all events that you can. The culture and the community of the top schools is really their differentiator, and you can only understand that as you interface with people that have lived and thrived within that community.”

What advice would you give a prospective applicant?

“You have a limited amount of space in the application so put forth your best accomplishments. It’s a challenge to be convincing and concise at the same time. In the interview, don’t try the affect of someone you are not. Go in and be true to yourself. Be honest about what you are looking for and the environments you thrive in.”

Other great sources of information that will help you with your MIT Sloan research are our student blogs or our Ask an MBA Student page.

Check back soon for more application and event information!