This Year’s MIT Sloan MBA AdMIT Weekend is More “Social” Than Ever

We are excited to welcome our MBA Round 1 AdMITS to MIT Sloan this weekend. AdMIT Weekend features on-campus events, tours, and celebrations that allow AdMITS and their Significant Others (So’s) to spend time with future classmates and current students in order to experience MIT Sloan’s community and culture first hand. This could be you next year! What is it like to be an AdMIT ? What would you experience here on campus?

We are making this year’s event “social.” Even if you are not an AdMIT or if you are an AdMIT and not able to make it to campus, we invite you to follow along to learn more about the process! We will be posting live updates, photos and video from a variety of events – you can follow us using #AdMITSloan or on Twitter @MITSloanAdcom.