Are you an applicant with a significant other?

Choosing an MBA Program is a joint decision, one that impacts both you and your other half. In today’s blog post, I want to let you know about the inclusive community for Significant Others (SOs)—here at MIT Sloan.

SOs are an integral part of our community, whether they’re full-time professionals, students, or stay-at-home parents. The Significant Others of Sloan SOS club hosts a wide variety of daytime and evening social events, from museum trips to wine tastings. The MIT Sloan Parents Club provides an immediate network for moms and dads and children in the MIT Sloan community. Additionally, the MIT-wide Spouses and Partners group hosts everything from career development programs to English-speaking practice sessions.

In Admissions, we love having the chance to get to know the partners of our students. One SO our team got to know very well, Estela Fernandez whose husband is a 2014 alum, volunteered with our Ambassadors Program. We still keep in touch with Estela, and she recently wrote to us about her two years at MIT Sloan. Here is an excerpt from her post.

Today, I can say that I made lifetime friends thanks to MIT. MIT Sloan not only cares about their students, they also know how important SOs are and that’s why they dedicate effort and resources for them. For me, the MBA wasn’t about looking at my husband reading textbooks or studying for exams, it was about learning about people from all over the world and their cultures, beliefs, and customs.

Enjoy everything that this great experience can offer. It goes by really fast.Estella copy


You can find the rest of her post here online.

Please email us if you or your partner have any questions about life at MIT Sloan.

-Dawna Levenson, Director of Admissions, MIT Sloan