Round I Deadline around the Corner- Advice for MIT Sloan MBA Applicants  

There is only one week left until our Round 1 Deadline, Tuesday, September 23rd  at 3  p.m. ET.  We are looking forward to receiving all of your applications!

If your application is complete, or close to being finished, you might be wondering – what is the advantage of applying in Round I?

By applying in R1, there are more opportunities for your application to be reviewed. Typically 10-15% of R1 candidates are wait listed or deferred to Round 2. These applicants are then re-evaluated along with R2 candidates, giving them a second chance to be invited for an interview or given an offer of admission.

I want to give some last minute tips and advice for completing your application (please note, some of these are technical, but my goal is to clear up any confusion):

The online application:

▪ In order to upload files, you need to complete the self-identifying aspects of the application and press save.

▪ The PDF preview may not show your entire application, but the admissions team will have received all of your information and data.

▪ If your undergraduate institution did not provide your class rank, please leave the field blank.

Transcripts and courses:

▪ Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation need to be written in English.

▪ If you took AP Calculus in high school and tested out of a college math requirement, you should fill in the grade box with “AP.”

▪ If a class does not have Calculus or Microeconomics in the title, do not include it in the Calculus or Microeconomics box.  We will view this data on your transcript.

▪ If you are a double major, please choose one major to list for your GPA.

▪ If you do not have a major GPA, please leave it blank – do not self-calculate.

▪ If you have an international GPA, please report it as it was given to you and include the scale.

Required information:

▪ Self-report your GMAT or GRE score in your application,  and make sure to send the official score to us as well.

▪ I strongly suggest that you use the résumé template provided in the application.  You may use an alternate format, as long as you keep it to one page and provide all of the required information.

I encourage you to respond to the optional question.  It is another opportunity for you to distinguish yourself from others.

I also want to share this recent blog posting from one of our first year MBA students with you

I hope this information is helpful to you.  It will be a nice feeling to press “submit!” on your application.  On behalf of the entire Admissions team, we are excited to receive your applications and to get to know you.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at or 617-258-5434.