How the MIT Sloan Admissions Team Evaluates our MBA Candidates

Throughout our recruiting trips this summer, our Admissions Team has been asked a very popular question: “What exactly are you looking for when reviewing my application?”

Our goal has always been to make the application process as transparent and upfront as possible, so I want to share how our Admissions Team evaluates our MBA candidates. We use a competency model that helps us to assess the data and to quantify the track record of success that is presented in your application.

We evaluate characteristics on two dimensions:  Demonstrated Success and Personal Attributes.  For Demonstrated Success we look for evidence of academic abilities and professional success.  Personal Attributes we look for include; ability to work on a team, ability to challenge the status quo or solve complex problems, innovative ways to make an impact, and a drive to achieve goals.

Our evaluation process, which includes a required face-to-face interview by invitation only, helps us to get to know you and to give us a better idea of how you have acted, felt or thought in specific situations.  It also gives you an opportunity to get to know us better as well. 

We take a holistic approach to reviewing applications.  We have a professional Admissions Committee (no students or faculty). They will read your entire application. We encourage you to respond to the optional question to tell us more about yourself.

We hope this was helpful in completing your application!  We look forward to receiving it!