Achievement Fellowships Awarded

Last week, we recognized outstanding students for their contributions and leadership in the MIT Sloan community with our merit-based Achievement Awards.  These awards include: the Seley Scholarship, the Henry B. DuPont III Scholarship, the Henry Ford II Scholarship, the Miriam Sherburne Scholarship, the Martin Trust Community Fellowships, and the Petersen Award. In addition, the Siebel Foundation and the McGowan Fellowship program grant two additional awards.

Candidates are nominated by members of the community and undergo an interview selection process.  This year we had a very impressive group of students who contributed significantly to our community through their club leadership or with specific departments on campus, such as Admissions or the Student Life Office.

Hear Natalie Hooper, one of our Seley Scholarship winners, talk about why the MIT Sloan community is the right fit for her.