Ask Me Anything Series

The MIT Sloan environment is amazingly open and our students are eager to share their personal stories and experiences.  Our new community event Ask Me Anything series provides first-hand, personal perspectives on diversity issues. Students, faculty members, and staff attend these events to better understand these issues and to learn how they can be better allies and leaders, both within the MIT community and beyond.

This week’s powerful Ask Me Anything speaker was MBA ’15 student Liat Kaver, who has lived with hearing loss since she was 1 year old. Liat described some of the technological advances in hearing aids that are available today. She wears an electronic implant that provides functional (but not perfect) hearing, and jokingly calls herself a “bionic woman”. While the implant has improved Liat’s hearing, she proudly stated “I try not to take advantage of these accommodations. . . I want to show people that I can do it.” I was inspired by her honesty and courage!

Previous sessions of Ask Me Anything have covered topics related to the U.S. Military and the LGBT community. Catherine Gamon, Director of Student Life at MIT Sloan, told me:

I’ve been thrilled to have the chance to support the Ask Me Anything speaker series this year.  These sessions are terrific at putting a personal face to diversity issues and fostering open and honest dialogue. Events such as this powerfully demonstrate our MIT Sloan student community’s spirit of collaboration, contribution, and caring.”

Fascinating events like the Ask Me Anything series are a few examples of why MIT Sloan is such a special place.