Current Students: What Surprised You About MIT Sloan?

We asked current MBA and MFin students: “Did anything surprise you about MIT Sloan?”  You may be interested in what they had to say:

  • I shouldn’t have been surprised, but you just can’t help noticing the level of diversity among the student body.  It’s the best place for making friends and I am thankful for all the interesting people I have gotten to know. In general, the international aspect adds so much to classroom discussion.
    MIT Sloan 100K Competition
    MIT Sloan 100K Competition

    It makes you see things in a different way and this is powerful  and important in the business world of today.

  • I was surprised that students are empowered to drive forward their ideas, no matter how ambitious or impactful.  The Administration steps forward and supports you, but the execution rests firmly on the students’ shoulders.  This speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit that is ever-present at MIT Sloan.
  • In some ways, it’s a breath of fresh air.  Not everyone is going into consulting or finance.  There’s freedom and flexibility.  I came to AdMIT Weekend and loved the people I met.  Such diversity and creativity is not typical.  They seemed to have richer experiences and a variety of aspirations.
  • There was more freedom than I expected to choose your curriculum. I was in command of where I wanted to go with my education.

    MIT Sloan Students at C-Function
    MIT Sloan Students at a Cultural Function
  • The emphasis on group-based assignments surprised me.  Teams are formed where everybody has something to bring to the table. I really liked that because I learned something new every time I met my team,  and I’m still good friends with my teammates.
  • I was surprised at how many opportunities there were to socialize and network. The C-Functions allowed me to connect with a lot of students who I otherwise wouldn’t have met.  I was also surprised by the number of business-plan competitions and hackathons.

MIT Sloan is a community that embraces diversity, and has an energetic and entrepreneurial spirit. I hope this gives you an inside scoop into what life is like for an MIT Sloan student! I invite you to visit campus to see for yourself.