Independent Activities Period

I want to begin by saying thank you to everyone who applied to the MBA and MFin programs over the past few weeks.  We are looking forward to learning more about you as we review your files.  It is amazing to see such broad areas of interest and intellectual curiosity among the applicants.

MIT Sloan is an opportune community to be apart of when it comes to exploring passions and interests. January is the start of IAP (Independent Activities Period) at MIT Sloan and across the entire MIT campus. It is a unique time for everyone in the MIT community to explore a variety of personal interests and topics – from designing your own clothes, to improving your poker game, even taking a beginners ski and snowboarding class.

Many MIT Sloan second year students take this opportunity to travel around the world, either through Action Learning projects or personal treks with their classmates. Many first year MBA students prepare for interviews and work closely with the Career Development Office (CDO) on internship/job searches.  Many of our MFin students are participating in FRP (Finance Research Practicum) projects.

Read about MBA student Caroline Mauldin’s incredible IAP experience last year, as she traveled to Tanzania as part of an energy project. You can also follow along as a current group of MBA students heads to Serbia as part of their Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab).

Stay tuned for a spotlight blog highlighting a few MIT Sloan students’ IAP experiences this year at the end of the month!