MBA Round 1 Decision Day

Round I Decision Day is here and I wanted to let all applicants know that it was a pleasure to read your applications and hear your personal stories. The Admissions Team knows how much time and energy is put into each application, and we want to thank you for your efforts.

Decisions will be released by 5pm EST today.  You will receive an email from us indicating that a status decision has been posted to your ApplyYourself application. Your status will be one of three possibilites:

  • If you are admitted into the incoming class:  You are IN!  Congratulations!  You should look for an AdMIT packet from us in the mail arriving in the next week. Also, be sure to login and review our AdMIT website (login credentials will be included in your decision letter).
  • If you are waitlisted:  You will receive a wait list decision email that will provide details on an upcoming chat and a link to the FAQs page to help answer your related questions.
  • If you are not admitted:  You will receive an email indicating that we cannot offer you a place in the incoming class.  Unfortunately, due to resource constraints, we cannot provide individual feedback.  A common reason applicants are not accepted is that they simply have not presented us with enough data. We encourage you to print a copy of your current application and look at our webpage What We Look For.  On a positive note:  re-applicants tend to do very well in the application process because they review their previous application, see what they could have done better or differently, and address it in their subsequent application.

Thank you again for taking the time to apply to MIT Sloan.  We really enjoyed learning about your incredible stories and achievements, and no matter the end result we hope that MIT Sloan will continue to be a resource for you in the future.