How does MIT and MIT Sloan help prepare students to make an impact in the field of sustainability? The Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan provides many opportunities for the community to improve our lifestyles in new and innovative ways. Building E62, the center of our campus, was the school’s first LEED Gold certified structure, setting a precedent for the future of sustainable action at MIT Sloan.  In last week’s Sustainability Lunch Series, MIT Sloan professors Leigh Hafrey, Bill Aulet, and Jason Jay had a compelling open dialogue discussing the complicated balance of ethics, entrepreneurship, and sustainability when developing a new business. Be on the look out for more of these lunches taking place this winter.

Students participating in S-Lab have the opportunity to work directly with an organization and help tackle a real-world sustainability issue within a business. Additionally, the Sustainability Certificate at MIT Sloan allows students to focus on a deep understanding of issues concerning sustainability, and teaches them how to manage these challenges. Jeffrey Sun, MBA ’15, talks about why he chose MIT Sloan to pursue his interests in sustainability:

For another first-hand perspective, check out a great blog post from current MBA student Ethan McCall.