Thoughts Go Out to the Philippines

We are saddened by the destruction in the Philippines, and we express our deepest sympathies to the people who have been affected by this tragedy.

The MIT Alumni Association recently posted an article extending their condolences, as well. 

On campus, students have been finding ways to offer much-needed assistance. MBA student Brett Lim, with friends and family from the affected area, shares information on how others can help:

We have finally been able to mobilze and have set up a donation site for victims of the typhoon. We are looking to rebuild homes in Leyte. There has been a lot of help coming in for immediate relief, but we feel there will be a need to focus on getting people back on their feet. We have engaged groups that build houses, like Habitat for Humanity, and are looking at different ways to approach the problem. We were even featured in USA Today for our efforts.”