LGO Program

From time to time, I will post guest blogs from my MIT Sloan colleagues. Jane Deutsch, Director of Admissions and Career Development for the Leaders of Global Operations (LGO) Program, shares LGO updates and application tips:

Last week at our annual Ambassadors Day and Information Evening, LGO welcomed 125 prospective applicants from all over the U.S. and as far away as Montreal and Mexico (read more here). I’m always invigorated by this day and inspired by the enthusiasm and energy of both the current LGOs who run the events and the potential applicants. It reminds me of why I love doing admissions for LGO.

Co-charis Nahathai Srivali and Concepcion Kafka, LGO '15s, Welcome Prospective Students to Ambassadors Day.
Co-chairs Nahathai Srivali and Concepcion Kafka, LGO ’15s, Welcome Prospective Students to Ambassadors Day.

It is also very gratifying to represent a product – in this case, an academic program – that people are so excited about.  Several attendees told me that as soon as they heard about MIT’s dual degree in management and engineering, they knew LGO was a perfect match because it allows them to enhance their engineering and technical skills, as well as to develop the management knowledge they need to be leaders in the industry.

“The single most valuable part of my experience is the program’s leadership development component,” said Albert Chan (LGO ’15) in an e-mail to prospective LGO students. “Staff, alumni, and students alike have continued to impress upon me the importance of principled leadership. In business, especially, doing the right thing matters.” (Read Albert’s full e-mail here.)

Albert also offers prospective students three suggestions on how to personalize their applications and make them shine:

  • Ask your friends what makes you stand out. They might tell you things that you weren’t aware of.
  • Think deeply about your values and how you’ll embody them as a leader.
  • Describe your challenges as well as your successes.

View more about the application process here. The LGO Program has one application deadline: Sunday, December 15. Let us know if you’d like to learn more—e-mail lgo@mit.edu or visit the LGO website.