Last Minute Tips

Today is the big day – our Round I deadline is at 3 PM EDT. We look forward to receiving your application!
Here are some answers to common application questions:
  • Some parts of the application, such as the essays, may not appear on the application until you complete previous sections. Therefore we suggest you fill it out in order.
  • The PDF preview may not show your entire application, but the admissions team has received all of the information and data on our end
  • If your undergraduate institution did not provide your class rank you can leave it blank
  • If you took AP calculus in high school and tested out of a college math requirement, you can fill in the grade box with “AP”
  • The résumé template is a suggested guideline for format and content, and you may use an alternate format so long as you keep it to one page and provide all of the information we ask for.
  • Selfreport your GMAT or GRE score in your application and we will receive the official scores later in our process
Two current MBA students have posted application-related blogs that may be of interest. Get a valuable perspective on the application process from students who have been in your shoes!
Thank you again for your interest in our MBA program.  Our Admissions Team is here to help you should you need any last minute assistance; feel free to call us at 617-258-5434. Best of luck!