This Year’s MIT Sloan MBA AdMIT Weekend is More “Social” Than Ever

We are excited to welcome our MBA Round 1 AdMITS to MIT Sloan this weekend. AdMIT Weekend features on-campus events, tours, and celebrations that allow AdMITS and their Significant Others (So’s) to spend time with future classmates and current students in order to experience MIT Sloan’s community and culture first hand. This could be you next year! What is it like to be an AdMIT ? What would you experience here on campus?

We are making this year’s event “social.” Even if you are not an AdMIT or if you are an AdMIT and not able to make it to campus, we invite you to follow along to learn more about the process! We will be posting live updates, photos and video from a variety of events – you can follow us using #AdMITSloan or on Twitter @MITSloanAdcom.

Historic Snowfalls and MIT Sloan Interview Update

As you may have heard, Boston has been hit with historic snowfalls over the past few weeks. MIT has been closed for at least one day each of the past three weeks and is closed today, Tuesday, February 10. The Admissions Team will contact those of you who have interviews on campus to reschedule. We hope to proceed as normal for the rest of the week, but we will be in touch if Mother Nature has other plans. We look forward to learning more about our applicants’ achievements!

Despite all the snow, we are getting back into the swing of things here on campus. The MIT Sloan conference season has begun, as our students hone their leadership skills by hosting almost 20 conferences each year. Highlights include the annual Sloan Women in Management conference, which took place last Friday, as well as the upcoming Sports Analytics Conference and the Sustainability Summit.

The next few months are going to be busy and exciting—and the city looks beautiful in the snow. Please come visit us here on campus!

The MIT Sloan Admissions staff is busy reviewing MBA Round 2 applications.

We will send Round 2 interview invitations beginning the week of February 16th.

Interviews will take place on campus in Cambridge, as well as in 15 additional cities in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Specific dates and locations are forthcoming, and interviewees will receive at least one week notice before their interview. You will have the option to either meet us in the location closest to your current address, or join us on campus in Cambridge. Interviews are conducted by the MIT Sloan Admissions staff—not by students or alumni. The email invitation will include more detailed information about the interview process.

The behavioral-based interview will have three components:

You may be asked follow-up questions from your application. For example, your interviewer might ask you to elaborate on your academic and/or professional experiences, or provide more detail on a specific example.
You will be asked behavioral questions that will give evidence of certain competencies. For example: “Describe a situation where you had a conflict with another individual, and how did you deal with it?”
Finally, we will give you the opportunity to ask us any questions.

If you are not invited for an interview, you will receive a final decision from us by March 6th. We appreciate your patience as you wait for your decision.

Master of Finance Applicants: What Now?

Thank you for submitting your application to the MIT Sloan MFin Program.

The Admissions Team will begin sending MFin interview invitations on Friday, January 23rd. If you are not invited for an interview, you will receive a final decision from us by February 16th. We appreciate your patience as you wait for your decisions!

MFin interviews will be conducted in person by members of the MIT Sloan Admissions team. In addition to interviewing on campus in Cambridge, we will conduct interviews in Beijing, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Singapore. Interviewees will receive an invitation one week prior to your interview date. You will have the choice to meet us in the closest location to where you are currently living, or join us on campus in Cambridge. If you are invited to interview, you will receive an additional Interview Preparation Guide.

Our interviews have three components:

The interviewer may ask you follow-up questions from your application. For example, you might be asked to elaborate on your academic and/or professional experiences, or provide more detail on a specific example.
The interviewer will ask you behavioral questions. For example: “Describe a situation where you had a conflict with another individual, and how did you deal with it?”
Finally, you will have the opportunity to ask the interviewer questions.
We look forward to learning more about you!

MIT Sloan Admissions To Host Virtual Office Hours

I’m excited to announce the MIT Sloan Admissions Office will be offering Virtual Office Hours, held every Monday and Wednesday starting February 2nd. Admissions officers will be live to answer your questions during these interactive sessions. It is a great opportunity to learn more about our MIT Sloan programs and the application process.

As part of this new online offering, we are upgrading our chat system to a more visual, user-friendly design. You can expect some changes when signing up for an event. In our new system, you must first register online. You will then receive an email confirming your registration, with a link to log into the chat. Registration remains open until the event has concluded, though we encourage you to sign up early.

We are excited about the new technology and the new format. We look forward to answering your questions!

Happy Holidays from MIT Sloan

On behalf of the MIT Sloan Admissions Team, I would like to wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season. Thank you for following this blog and your interest in our school!

I wanted to mention a few things before the holiday break:

  • Deadlines are approaching. We look forward to receiving your applications and learning more about you!
    • MFin Deadline: January 5th, 2015. Decisions will be announced March 9th, 2015
    • MBA Round 2 Deadline: January 8th, 2015. Decisions will be announced April 6th, 2015.
    • MSMS Deadline: January 15th, 2015. Decisions will be announced April 13th, 2015.
  • Our office will be closed from December 24th—January 2nd, but you can reach us by phone (617-258-5434) or email ( from 9am-5pm EST with any questions. We will be back to our regular office hours, 9am-5pm EST on January 5th.
  • Be sure to check out our events page! New offerings have been added, including meet-ups hosted by current students in cities all over the world. Registration for our Spring 2015 Ambassadors Program will begin in January, but you can view our dates here. We’d love to see you on campus!

Happy New Year, and see you in 2015!Dome 050201_0085[3] copy

The Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship

I am excited to announce that MIT Sloan is a partner in the new Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship. In addition to a minimum $10,000 scholarship, recipients will take part in Reaching Out events, mentoring, and leadership opportunities. MIT Sloan is proud to be involved in this opportunity for our LGBT students.LGBTPhoto

MIT is committed to fostering a diverse, supportive, and collaborative environment. One of our students wrote about life at MIT Sloan as an LGBT student, describing how “Sloanies I barely knew wrote to me ‘coming out’ as allies” when she shared her story during a class. The co-presidents of the MIT Sloan LGBT Club also wrote a post detailing the support offered by the LGBT community here, from social gatherings to recruiting events. Students can also tap into a vibrant LGBT presence in Cambridge and Boston. Please feel free to contact the club if you have any questions or are visiting campus. You can also register for our LGBT Ambassadors Day on April 30th, 2015, which is a great way to connect with our community. We look forward to welcoming you on campus!