MSMS Application is Now Available Online!

Our Master of Science in Management Studies program (MSMS) application for entry in fall 2015 is now available online! Applications must be submitted by Thursday, January 15, 2015. Our Admissions Team will notify applicants of their decision by April 13, 2015.

In the fall, we are traveling throughout Asia and Europe to host presentations for our MSMS program. Please check back on our events page for details and registration. We encourage you to attend; this is a great opportunity to meet Admissions Representatives and learn more about our specialized masters programs.

We look forward to reviewing your applications and meeting you on the road!

A Generation of Women Sloanies

This past June I attended my 30th Sloan Reunion where I sat next to Deborah Meyer at a women’s networking event.  Deborah mentioned to me that her daughter Lillian is a current LGO student. As far as I know, there is only one other mother/daughter pair who have matriculated in our MBA program.  I found their story fascinating and want to share their journey:

Deborah Meyer SM '79, and Lillian Meyer, LGO '16

Deborah Meyer SM ’79, and Lillian Meyer, LGO ’16

Deborah Meyer graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 1976 and worked in economic consulting for a year.  In the spring of 1977 she made the decision to go to MIT Sloan instead of entering the Foreign Service. After graduating with an SM in Management in 1979, she worked at General Motors in Michigan on the manufacturing side and later transferred to New York City to work with their pension fund unit.  Today she is Executive Director, Investment Strategy and Fixed Income at GMIMCo.  Deborah credits her MIT Sloan education in helping advance her career:

The MIT Sloan degree is well regarded.  I feel that my classes in finance were well in advance of financial practice.  Robert Merton taught introductory financial theory; Stewart Myers taught corporate finance.  Above all, my MIT training has helped me think in analytical and quantitative terms.

Deborah’s daughter Lillian graduated from Rice University in 2012 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and worked for two years as a geotechnical engineer. When she started considering graduate schools, Deborah encouraged her to apply to MIT Sloan for the close-knit community and a first rate education which would mesh well with her background. When she heard about MIT Sloan’s LGO Program that combines a Master’s in Engineering with an MBA, she thought it was a perfect fit: “Together the degrees would provide more career opportunities than each degree individually.”

Lillian visited MIT Sloan for LGO interview fest and the existing students impressed her as “smart, genuine, and funny”. She reports:

When I visited MIT Sloan as a prospective student, students and faculty always commented on the collaborative spirit. The way I have experienced the collaborative spirit has surprised me.   It’s not just students working together to solve a problem set, but building and feeding off of each other’s ideas.  This energy has definitely led to some interesting discussions, and I’m sure it will lead to fascinating business ventures.

Learn more about the LGO Program.

2014 Master of Finance Application is Now Available!

We are happy to announce that our Master of Finance (MFin) application for entry in summer 2015 is now available online; so you can begin uploading your resumes, essays, recommendation letters, transcripts, and test scores. There is one deadline to submit your application: January 5, 2015. 

All applicants will receive their decisions on the same day, March 9, 2015.  The application fee is discounted to $100 If you submit on or before December 1, 2014, and is $150 if you submit after December 1, 2014.

We encourage you to schedule a visit to campus this fall with our MFin Ambassadors Program to get a feel for the MIT Sloan student experience. We also offer in-person events around the globe and online chats.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

MIT Sloan Celebrates Women ‘Breaking the Mold’

I am proud to be part of the accomplished community of women at MIT Sloan. Next week, August 4-7 we will host events to showcase MIT Sloan women who are “Breaking the Mold: stories from MIT Sloan women who have defied expectations and forged their own paths.” Please join us as our events kick off Monday at 10 a.m. (ET) with a Google hangout with me, a couple of my colleagues, and current students. Throughout the week we will have alumnae panels in Boston, NYC and San Francisco. Feel free to follow us on Twitter next week with  #MITSloanWomensWeek.

For those of you who are registered, we look forward to meeting you!  View the full list of events or register for an event online.

MIT Sloan Women in Management will also be hosting a Women’s Ambassadors Day this fall on Monday, October 27 – please join us!


MBA Application Tips – Essays

Our MBA application consists of two required essay questions, along with an optional question. Associate Director of Admissions, Jeff Carbone, shares tips and insights on writing Essay #1:



Watch more videos of Jeff’s advice for writing Essay #2 and the Optional Question.

When reviewing applications, the Admissions Committee looks for examples of the applicant’s professional and academic accomplishments, the ability to lead and influence others, and a collaborative mindset. When writing your essays, we recommend that you:

  • Use a mix of personal and professional examples, as appropriate to best answer our questions and to provide us with insight into who you are as an individual and as a professional
  • Use examples from within the past three years
  • Concentrate on your past achievements.  Focus on what you have already done, rather than what you intend to do with your degree.
  • Share your extracurricular activities and personal interests in the “optional question” section of the application.  You may also want to include this information in your resume.
  • Show us how you have made an impact – at your workplace, your community, your family, etc.

There is no advantage to submitting your application early, as long as it is before one of the the deadlines. We begin reviewing all applications immediately following the deadline.

College seniors graduating from a U.S. institution and active U.S. military personnel may request an application fee waiver by emailing us prior to submitting your application.

2014 MBA Application is LIVE!

We are excited to announce that our MBA application for entry in fall 2015 is now live!  We know that assembling all of the components of an application takes dedicated time and thought on your part. We have two deadlines to allow you enough time to prepare and to coordinate with recommenders, academic institutions, etc.

Round I September 23rd 3 p.m. (ET)

Round II January 8th 3 p.m. (ET)

Check back for some upcoming insider application tips and insights from our admissions team. You can also read the application instructions that are posted on our website.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

MIT Sloan and HKS Dual Degree

MBA ’15 student Caroline Mauldin is an inspiring social entrepreneur and the co-founder of Love Grain. She spokeCaroline Mauldin with us about her participation in the MIT Sloan MBA and Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) three-year dual-degree program:

An MBA is really about building a skill set, and being at HKS gives you an opportunity to go in depth and create impact in the world. As a Master in Public Administration (MPA) candidate at HKS, I have the flexibility to take electives of interest and to work on my social enterprise. I felt that MIT Sloan and HKS were great compliments to one another.  To have the opportunity to study at both schools and the resources behind you is incredible.

Learn more about Love Grain and how Caroline and her co-founder are empowering farmers in developing countries.


Master of Finance Updates

This week, our MIT Sloan Master of Finance Program was ranked by the Financial Times as the top U.S. masters program for early-stage finance professionals. I am so proud to be a part of a program that provides knowledge and opportunities to those who are passionate about finance. In addition, the Director of our Master of Finance Program, Heidi Pickett, will be an expert featured on a live panel discussion about Financial Training hosted by the Financial Times tomorrow, June 25th.

Learn more about the MIT Sloan Master of Finance program by attending one of our information sessions we are hosting around the globe! These events are a great opportunity to meet admissions representatives. Please visit our MFin Admissions Events webpage for event details and registration.

We look forward to meeting you!Master of Finance Recruiting

Taking Risks and Avalanche Safety

This past year, 9.5% of our MIT Sloan MBA students went on to start their own company, while many others also joined a start-up. Brint Markle, one of these MBA ’14 graduates, has an incredible entrepreneurship story that I would like to share. MIT Sloan Admissions Advisor Harriet Barnett sat down with Brint to find out how he helped develop the avalanche safety-product AvaTech.

Tell me about your background and why you wanted an MBA at MIT Sloan?

I was working on a team with great consultants, but I felt I was on the sidelines and wanted to get closer to an entrepreneurial environment to see whether this was a potential career path for me. Business school was the avenue to help me push the reset button. I applied to many schools, but MIT Sloan was my top choice. I knew how strong the entrepreneurial ecosystem was and I perceived there was a tight-knit student community. I didn’t want to go to a larger school and get caught in the mix. MIT Sloan was close to perfect.

What kind of support did you and other entrepreneurial-minded students receive?

The support at MIT Sloan is absolutely unbelievable. I came in with a vague idea of doing something in the outdoor sports industry. Within the first two weeks this morphed into AvaTech, an intelligent avalanche probe that gathers rapid, objective and sharable information about the snowpack, helping snow professionals and other backcountry experts make more informed decisions in avalanche terrain. Today, backcountry travelers dig a six-foot hole in the snow to get a single data point about the snowpack. Our device really complements these and helps users gather more information quickly and objectively across a lot of terrain. Everyone was bringing exciting technology to the table. The Trust Center was integral to our development, especially Bill Aulet , Christina Chase, and Kyle Judah who have given me wonderful advice. The Venture Mentoring Service provided people who are leading CEO’s of successful companies and 20 – 30 years older than students, who I now speak with on a weekly basis. I really feel a part of the entrepreneurial community at MIT, which goes beyond MIT Sloan.

Will you be working on your company after graduation? Brint Markle, MBA '14

Yes, my co-founders and I have raised funding and are moving to the West Coast this summer. We are in the process of setting up manufacturing and preparing for our commercial release this fall. As someone who grew up as a backcountry skier and who had a friend who was partially buried in a snowpack in Europe, it’s exciting to know that we have the potential to help save lives by making a safer backcountry.

What advice do you have for incoming Sloanies?

Be open to a whole new world of possibilities. What you think is your vision can change dramatically. I recommend having a strong idea of who you are and something you care about, so you have a sense of how you are going to weave a set of experiences as you move forward. Simultaneously, though, take risks. It’s a very safe space to try new things and even if you fail, you learn a lot when you are willing to do this.

What words come to mind when describing MIT Sloan?

Innovative, exciting, collaborative. For instance, my South American classmates were so willing to help me that they connected me to heads of ski resorts in Chile where we did testing last year. This network will be invaluable for a lifetime.

Can you summarize your MBA experience for us?

Coming to MIT Sloan was the best decision I ever made. It helped me find my passion and pursue something that I find personally fulfilling that also will have an impact on the world. I leave wishing that I had two more years here.

MBA Application Essays Revealed

I am excited to announce our MBA essay questions for the 2014-2015 MBA application:

Essay 1:  The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. Discuss how you will contribute toward advancing the mission based on examples from your past work and activities. (500 words or fewer)

Essay 2:  Write a professional letter of recommendation on behalf of yourself.  Answer the following questions as if you were your most recent supervisor recommending yourself for admission to the MIT Sloan MBA Program: (750 words or fewer)

  • How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
  • How does the applicant stand out from others in a similar capacity?
  • Please give an example of the applicant’s impact on a person, group, or organization.
  • Please give a representative example of how the applicant interacts with other people.
  • Which of the applicant’s personal or professional characteristics would you change?
  • Please tell us anything else you think we should know about this applicant.

Essay writing is a reflective process, and one that our Admissions Team takes very seriously.  We do not believe in only using numbers and standardized test scores to build our incoming classes.  I am releasing these questions early in hopes that you will find some time to think carefully about your past experiences. We evaluate your responses using a behavioral-based assessment process and encourage you to share specific past examples of what you said, did or thought in a given situation.

Keep in mind that these essays are designed for our Admissions Team to get to know you better. There is no right or wrong answer – how you choose to respond is completely up to you. For both essays, please remember to draw upon experiences that have occurred within the past three years. We will be posting application tips throughout the summer, so be on the lookout for more helpful hints! I anticipate our online application will go live at the end of July – so stay tuned.

It is an honor and a privilege for the admissions team to review your essays and your completed applications.  We look forward to receiving them!